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Innovative Amia Cycler

IDS is the First and Only Home Program in Texas to Offer the Innovative Amia Cycler


Baxter joined forces with DEKA Research and Development Corporation (DEKA) to develop the AMIA APD system, which offers peritoneal dialysis for patients suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Notably, the AMIA APD system is the only FDA approved product in the U.S. that possesses patient-friendly features such as voice guidance, a touchscreen control panel and the SHARESOURCE two-way connectivity platform.

With the help of the SHARESOURCE platform, physicians and nurses are able to efficiently access the past treatment data of home patients and provide individual prescriptions remotely.

The AMIA APD system comes with sophisticated, animated graphics and automatic step-by-step commands, built to increase the effectiveness of home therapy guidance and management for ESRD patients.

Amia Brochure (.pdf)

Sharesource Brochure (.pdf)